Cubical Curtains

curtainsHealthcare spaces often present unique challenges in creating comfortable, well decorated spaces, given the limited tones and finishes required by the industry in order to best serve such a large audience. With cubicle curtains, you can add style by choosing unique and interesting fabrics, adding color and energy to a space without having to remodel or spend a lot of money.

Westport’s cubicle curtains and privacy panels are manufactured in keeping with stringent industry regulations. We offer options in fire-retardant fabric and mesh, ensuring that we meet or exceed local, provincial / territorial, state, and federal regulations.

In many facilities, the length of a curtain track will vary from room to room. Our cubicle curtains offer solutions for locations where you want your curtain to be custom sized to match your track. We take the length of your track and add 10% for fullness, thereby ensuring that your curtain will provide your guests with the privacy they expect.

Westport Privacy Drapery (Download PDF)


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